In times of digitalization and globalization the economy changes with strong dynamics. For companies and their leaders this brings new challenges and makes new demands on themselves: In a constantly changing environment managers, who are entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurial experiences, are increasingly in demand. Conversely manager features are essential for entrepreneurs if they expand or transform internationally. In short, the future belongs to the “Managepreneur“.

As think tank for decision-makers of the economy manage:preneur accompanies these developments:

  • We show how managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world shape the entrepreneurial change and let them report at first hand how and why they succeeded.
  • We present economic future trends and assign them to the change.
  • We provide insights into exciting and high-potential business models from around the world and offer suggestions for new products, services or cooperations.
  • We deliver factbased background information about significant business topics.
  • We report on interesting events and outline useful facts with specialized know-how.

Initiator of manage:preneur is Dr. Rüdiger Theiselmann, an attorney, who specializes in legal consulting for managers and is an entrepreneur/founder with corporate and management experiences of many years. Against the background of his journalistic roots (daily newspapers, television), his passion for publishing and his interest in economic and future topics, he founded this think tank. For manage:preneur he brings in his know-how in finances, law and communication as well as his cross-industry and global network of contacts.